TM Management understands the restrictions a new business face when trying to raise capital from banks due to their policy of only issuing loans against fixed hard assets for security purposes. Furthermore, we understand that many start-ups have few hard assets, leaving them very few options to raise funding in order to expedite their business plans.

We provide seed or early stage funding to companies that offer innovative solutions with the potential for global impact in competitive markets. We have an extensive global network of high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors and resources, which are made available to companies that meet our requirements, providing the best opportunity for next level growth.

We invest in motivated entrepreneurs with great ideas for products, technologies or services in potentially high growth industries, which have a competent, passionate and dynamic management team able to execute the supply of the growing demand of their specific industry. One of the main keys to success is having a strong management team with whom we are able to work in synergy with to achieve the company’s objectives and outcomes.

Your Executive Summary

If you have a business idea that you would like to contact us with, please submit your executive summary for evaluation, after which you will be contacted should we wish to proceed to the next level, by requesting a full and detailed business plan. The executive summary is a critical component for any potential investment that we may decide to pursue; you should endeavour to make the right impression to us in no more than 500 words using the following guide as an outline:

  • HOOK – Get our attention by leading with a compelling first paragraph, establishing a concise statement of the unique business idea or solution that you have. This hook must be specific, direct and to the point, detailing the expertise, product(s) and or technologies available.
  • PROBLEM – Tell us clearly what it is that you are attempting to or have already solved, providing details of the initial problem what the solution is developed for.
  • SOLOUTION – Explain the solution and how it fits into current industries and markets, detailing the inherent pros and cons.

Venture Capital Process

  • Pre-screening;
  • Screening;
  • Investor Review;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Investment Agreement;
  • Post Investment Monitoring & Support; and
  • Exit.