Experienced Management Team

Responsible investing is expedited only once a combination of key financial factors that include corporate governance, product quality, safety and risks has been assessed. TM Management. has a strong belief in recognising the importance of these factors and more, allowing us to assess companies that are able to manage industry-specific risks efficiently. Our goal is to capture the risks to achieve what is economically profitable for our clients, either for a short or long term investment cycle.

We routinely assess every employed individual at TM Management., implementing training that creates the most dramatic impact on key performance indicators, ensuring consistent growth.

Company Leadership

High Impact Leaders are the backbone of TM Management., creating an excellent environment for the next generation of leaders, emanating the successes achieved by their mentors. We select highly motivated, problem solving, analytically skilled, ambitious, and driven individuals that are consistently able to function at their optimum level best.

The TM Management. leaders are a select group of highly committed and accomplished professionals, experienced in their disciplines, working collaboratively to share expertise. Our result driven leaders and their teams strive to outperform daily benchmarks, with the goal of generating wealth for both our clients and our company. Our leadership is united by a sense of responsibility and commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

With investors increasingly looking beyond their local markets in search of a globally diversified investment strategy, our leaders are well placed to meet this demand. Our unique leadership formula for success provides our teams with an international network of resources, on-the-ground knowledge and robust risk management framework. Each leader and their team specialises in their singular investment class and is empowered to make decisions in line with their singular investment philosophy and client’s objectives.

Boutique Company Benefits

As a leading boutique wealth management company, one of our core strategies is maintaining strong personal relationships with all of our clients. Our investment specialists (Accounts Managers) help our clients define an investment strategy that compliments their financial goals, helping them preserve their wealth long term. This personalised relationship has ensured TM Management.’s high client retention ratio and a constant flow of referrals in contrast to larger corporations. We are far more innovative and more dynamic when proposing solutions and are rapidly able to react to market changes.

This core strategy ensures our position as an industry market leader, as we are able to immediately respond in protecting our clients’ assets through minimised risk solutions in reaction to new market trends or shifts, both upwards or downwards. In recent years, the investment environment has become much more complex and volatile, however, thanks to our innovative and dynamic core strategies; coupled together with our technologies, ensures we are able to consistently perform well in bear and bull markets.

Our in-house algorithm trading software couple together with some of the most advanced trading technology solutions available today ensures our market analytics are constantly operating at peak performance.