TM Management commences negotiations and continues post-deal closure. You benefit from expert consultation and leverage on our extensive insights, allowing you to seize opportunities. We offer advisory services to corporate and private buyers and sellers, whether they are private equity or corporate investors. Our services include strategic due diligence, project management, and post-merger integration.

Due Diligence – Human Capital
Transactions can be rapidly paced in a sellers’ market where deals are concluded with less information than is ideal and risks are high. In the buyers’ market, the risk is weighed more diligently, as a financial buyer’s interest may be limited to risks impacting valuation, while a corporate buyer will consider factors with long-term implications.

Due Diligence - Deal Flow
Our comprehensive roadmap guides our clients through the M&A process, with comprehensive frameworks enabling clients to recognize risks and examine pitfalls in fiscal, financial, legal, admin, and operational sectors.

We identify risks in the management team, key employee compensation, employee turnover, pension risks, labor relations and local regulations.

Global Experts and Compressed Timeframes
Our global footprint ensures access to our experts who speak the local language, understand the local laws and regulations, and can be onsite in as little as 24 hours, allowing due diligence to perform accurately and quickly. This is a distinct advantage and vital during a sellers’ market.

We provide timely and in-depth information to buyers and sellers for private equity companies and corporations. We have firsthand experience of HR disciplines and the ability to perform human-capital due diligence on a company’s balance sheet.

Project Management
We develop new protocols and clear governance, managing every aspect of the process from start to post-merger integration. Our strategic process helps define clear operational priorities and objectives. We give strategic boardroom advice relating to growth, transformation and dividend policies.

Project Management Execution - Higher Level of Precision
A flawless process and in-depth understanding of critical business issues from multiple perspectives is the key to success of any merger or acquisition. We provide strategic execution across the entire HR domain, from payroll and benefits to HR technology.

Sellers and Buyers — Two Very Different Timelines
Sellers have the advantage in today’s demand for smart investments. With aggressive timeframes, we are able to mobilize our experts and execute deals, enabling sellers achieve higher multiples.

Greater competition often means buyers have to commit without performing adequate due diligence, comprising of risk mitigation, compliance issues and or fully developing post-merger plans. Our project management strategies ensure a full range of capabilities allowing buyers to act swiftly and with confidence.

On "Day One" the gap between strategy and execution become evidently intense. Our experts ensure readiness that covers payroll, benefits, executive, employee compensation, and sales team remuneration. This readiness will assist buyers maintain the value of the new entity, assuring longterm success.

Post-merger Integration
Ensuring a merger or an acquisition is successful is in the detail, and our experts can assist the new organization merge corporate cultures, good governance, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and develop effective communication strategies amongst the employees. Our goal is to synergize the two organizations so that the new entity can realize its full potential and value.

Integrating Organizations - Higher Level of Precision
There are fewer incentives for sellers to invest resources and time ensuring a post-deal-close transitional integration for buyers. With buyers under pressure to close the deal quickly, impact integration preparation plans for the post-merger can very often lead to operational and adverse value of the company.

We provide strategic post-merger integration plans from Day One. We map out deal objectives, deal strategies, timing, work styles, and risks with our methods and tools.