TM Management understands that central to the success of any portfolio is to adopt a well thought out strategy, catering for each individual client’s financial goal. An account manager will assess each client on a one-to-one basis so that an evaluation can be made, after which, strategic planning with the client will take precedence on the best course of action suitable to the client’s financial aims and investment objectives.

Our account managers are highly experienced in their disciplines, building well balanced portfolios to meet each client’s acceptable risk tolerance. Diversification ensures risk is mitigated through investments in various asset classes in multiple sectors. From experience, we know that superior returns are achieved by tailoring each portfolio to the individual client needs, as opposed to a generic model based offering.

You need a well-designed investment strategy in today’s challenging economic and political environment, taking into account various factors to ensure a good return over the intended investment cycle.

TM Management will frequently make available investment opportunities which are at seed level, early stage funding or pre-IPO, offering some of the highest returns.

All investment options are thoroughly analysed in terms of risk versus reward, ensuring our clients are provided with a level of information that enables them to make strategic decisions. Whatever strategic plan is agreed, all are flexible to cater for changes throughout the investment cycle, reducing the exposure to diminished assets.

We are confident in all choices we offer to our clients, letting our track record speak for itself, having similar expectations for continued growth in the future.

Portfolios in TM Management. are intentionally comprised of a broad spectrum of investment types so that profits can be realised at different periods of time, ensuring capital consistency for reinvestment or asset liquidity. Each client differs in terms of liquidity dependency, therefore our accounts managers work with each individual portfolio to ensure it is allows for maximum flexibility.

Reinvesting profits from investments are an effective way to build a client’s portfolio, encouraging financial gain.

Our boutique strategic tailored planning ensures a holistic and dynamic approach to investing. This plays a pivotal role, allowing us to adapt to shifting investment markets, and your evolving investment objectives, ensuring optimal profitable returns.

All clients of TM Management receive professional advice for the financial planning of their future and there is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing your financial goals achieved or exceeded. Our high client retention ratios are proof that our tailored financial strategic plans do work

Having an account with us, you can expect to receive:

  • Industry professional advice on a one-to-one basis that compliments your financial aims and objectives;
  • Latest market information to deliver tailored financial goals;
  • Strategic planning adhering to your acceptable risk tolerance, ensuring asset protection and generating consistent growth; and
  • Uncomplicated, clear and industry jargon-free communication of financial planning to ensure client understanding.